Candy Rain

My OC, Candy Rain



I am a passionate game developer currently working as a professional Unity Developer (current title: Lead Game Developer). I have a bachelor degree in Computer Engineering.

Other than game development I have interests in art with a bit of web development.

I've been mainly using C# & .NET Framework since 2013 but I have been using other languages as I needed. Including C / C++ for my own neural networks, JS/TS and PHP for Web Development (No I don't use PHP for my websites anymore. This website is written with SvelteKit), Rust and Python.

I have developed different kinds of games, desktop & web applications and utility tools since 2012. Some of these you can find on my projects page.

I also rarely make art, it's not so regularly but you can check them out in my arts page.

I try to be an approachable person even tho I may not be the most talkative. But still so feel free to contact me through any of my social media accounts, my mail or my Discord at `Syntriax` or with my previous tag `Syntriax#8752`.

I think that's it for now for this page, hopefully you are having a wonderful day and see you around later! /)

- Syntriax


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